Born in Miami, Frank grew up in the central Florida city of Lakeland. Although he exempted the freshman English courses after arriving at Florida State, he decided to major in business and went on to become an entrepreneur.

A love for English and the written word never left Frank. In his companies, he wrote the ad copy, the business plans and the tough business letters, and when more time became available his thoughts turned to fiction writing. His mother had always devoured mysteries, and after reading the Hardy Boys series as a boy, he began pilfering his mother’s piles of Spillane, both MacDonalds, and Hammett. He was hooked for life.

Just as the mystery genre was a clear choice for Frank, so was the setting for his own series: the island resort of Boca Grande. He was already a devotee of the Florida-based work of Stuart Kaminsky, Carl Hiaasen, and Randy Wayne White, plus he owned a second home in Boca Grande for many years. Besides, to Frank’s knowledge, there had never been a mystery series based in Boca.

Frank is an ardent conservationist, and when not writing, his passion is fly fishing, causing him to travel the world in pursuit of bonefish, tarpon, and river trout. He loves his wine cellar, which includes reds from Bordeaux, California and Italy, and he treasures time spent with his golf buddies. Frank and his wife Patti, an award winning artist, and their cockapoo named Chattooga, live in their homes in Lakeland, Florida and Cashiers, North Carolina.


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